Monday April 4, 2016: Students enrolled in HGP 470 Geographical Information Systems and Advanced Cartography for Social Science had to think on their feet when presenting their GIS posters to experts, advocates, and decision makers from the City of Edmonton. The second annual GIS poster session was hosted by the Open City Initiative at City Hall, and the work on display included analyses conducted in class by Human Geography and Planning students under Prof. Manish Shirgaokar’s guidance. The class had been working on a few different projects, relying on data available in the public domain for the City of Edmonton. Some students were also successful in getting permissions to access proprietary/licensed datasets. The projects covered a variety of topics including light pollution, rooftop solar potential, impacts of park & ride lots on neighborhoods, housing demand, homelessness and access to services, parks and crime, green roofs, and demand on transit systems.

GIS Poster Viewing Here

Open Science Poster Reception Video Here