The University is now accepting applications for entry into first and second year of the BA and BSc Planning programs. We are also accepting limited applications for entry into After Degree in Planning. Applicants who wish to apply for After Degree in Science for the Planning program must contact a Science advisor at Those who wish to apply for an After Degree in Arts for the Planning program must contact an Arts advisor at or call 1-888-533-5735. Those who have a degree in Geography may not be eligible to do a major in Planning. But again you are encouraged to contact an Arts Advisor.

Prior to applying, applicants should consider if they would like to apply to the Bachelor of Arts Major in Planning program or the Bachelor of Science Specialization in Planning program. Applicants interested in focusing on natural science elements of planning, including environmental management and the use of geographic information sciences should consider the BSc Specialization and those interested in the aesthetic, economic, and social issues of planning should consider the BA.

The two programs share a common core of Planning courses, but the remainder of the degree programs differ. Applicants should review the program requirements of the two programs. Applicants should ensure that they meet the admissions criteria for the program that they are applying for. That information is available at the following links.

Once you have determined which program you would like to apply for please apply by the appropriate method as outlined below:

  • University of Alberta students who are currently enrolled in any BA Program (excluding Augustana Campus) should fill out the Application for Current BA Students (pdf) or visit the EAS main office for the form. Please submit the BA Planning Major for Existing BA Students form to the Planning Program Administrator through email or in person to the EAS main office by the March 1st deadline.
  • All other current University of Alberta students, post-secondary transfer applicants and/or high school applicants (first or second year entry) will apply through the University of Alberta application system. Please contact the Registrar’s Office if you have questions about application deadlines and/or the application process.

PLEASE NOTE: A Statement of Interest is no longer required when applying to the Urban and Regional Planning Undergraduate Program.

Application Deadline:   

Please see the Faculty of Arts site for application deadline extensions.

Please see the Faculty of Science site for application deadline extensions. 

Applicants who are wondering about the differences between Human Geography and Planning can click here for more information.

As noted in Calendar Sections 15.2.1 (Note 1) and 15.15.5 (See Admissions Chart 4), admission into both the BA Major in Planning and BSc Specialization in Planning is competitive and Alberta students may be given preference. For more details about the University of Alberta Residence Requirements, please see Calendar Section 13.2.

Director, Planning program
Sandeep Agrawal