What is the difference between Human Geography and Planning?

Human Geography is academic discipline concerned with interactions between human beings and their environment and how human activities affect urban patterns. Planning is a professional discipline focusing on the issues in urban and rural areas and their possible solutions.

What is the difference in doing a BA major in Planning versus a BSc specialization in Planning?

BA Major in Planning requires *48 Arts credits in addition to the planning courses. BSc specialization in Planning requires *66 Science credits in addition to the Planning courses. Planning courses for both BA and BSc are the same. The difference lies in the Science and Arts credit requirements.

Is the Planning program accredited?

The Program received preliminary accreditation from Planning standards Board of Canada and the Alberta Professional Planners Institute, which covers the cohorts since the beginning of the Program i.e. 2012/13. It has undergone final accreditation and is awaiting the final approval.

How many credits does one take for a major in Planning ?

The BA Major in Planning is a highly structured degree and students should take care to follow their program carefully as outlined in the Calendar year that they were admitted into the program.  If students are unsure as to what year of Calendar requirements apply to them, they should contact a councillor at the Faculty of Arts to confirm.  Students following the calendar do not need to ‘count’ credits for their major as these are met by the required courses. 

One important warning is that students following the 25/16 or 2016/17 calendar should be careful not to exceed taking *15 in total from HGP 381, HGP 485 and HGP 401.  

Students following the 2012/13, 2013/14, or 2014/15 calendar should be careful not to take more than *15 from the following courses in total – HGP 499, 485, 470, 401, 497, and 498.

What are the admission requirements?

A minimum of 2.3 GPA is required to apply for admission. This however does not guarantee admission. The admission is based on the merit of applications in a given pool of applications.

What is an after degree program in BA Planning?

After Degree is for those who have a first undergraduate degree. The students usually come in the 3rd year of Planning but may have to reach back to take pre-requisite courses for 3rd and 4th year level courses.

Does the Program offer optional courses?

Program offers many optional courses. The optional courses offered so far are: Heritage Planning, Parks Planning, Urban design, Transportation Planning, Healthy Cities, Transit Urbanism, Rural Planning, Sustainable Planning and Zoning and others.