Welcome to the ADWG site

meteorite_collection03The Astromaterials Discipline Working Group (ADWG) is a group of experts from across Canada that provides feedback on the Canadian Space Agency space exploration program, and community recommendations in the area of astromaterials curation and research. It succeeds the meteorites aspect of MIAC (formerly Meteorite and Impacts Advisory Committee).

Astromaterials include the approximately 47,000 meteorites thought to be derived from the asteroid belt, the ~120 meteorites from the Moon and Mars, lunar samples from the Apollo and Luna missions, comet samples from the Stardust mission, and inter-planetary dust samples.  In Canada there exist thousands of meteorite samples in institutional and private collections.  The pristine samples of the Tagish Lake (B.C.) meteorite, acquired in 2006 by Canadian institutions, are unique in the world in their type and preservation.

There exist a wide range of analytical tools in Canada that can be applied to the study of astromaterials.  The purpose of the ADWG is to undertake activities aimed at increasing the application of such analytical facilities to astromaterials.  As such, the ADWG concerns itself with the acquisition, classification, preservation and analysis of astromaterials, with a focus on meteorites found in Canada and meteorites in Canadian collections.