Lakehead University

Microanalytical Research Facility:
“The microanalytical research facility is a modern, clean petrographic facility for applied and pure research into the genesis of both igneous rocks and ore deposits. The facility includes two Olympus BX2M microscopes and a Linkham MDS 600 motorized stage system, which in conjunction with an automated heating/freezing system allows for rapid, high precision analyses of fluid inclusions in transparent minerals. In addition an infra red video camera system will be used for the analysis of fluid inclusions in opaque minerals. The microanalytical facility is also equipped with a high resolution digital camera system, image analysis software and computer processing system for the capture and analysis of mineral images.”

Contact Information:
Dr. Peter Hollings
Tel: (807) 343-8329…

Note: Lakehead University also has a SEM, as mentioned here: but there is no actual link for more info.