McGill University

Microprobe: JEOL 8900

Atomic force microscope (AFM): Dimension 3100 Atomic Force Microscope

Contact Information (both microprobe and AFM):

Lang Shi

Tel: (514) 398-6774

Fax: (514) 398 – 4680



Perkin Elmer Elan 6100 DRCplus ICP-MS system with CETAC ADX-500 Autodiluter system and ASX-510 Auto Sampler

Capability: Analysis of most elements in the Periodic Table in solution down to ppt


LA-ICP-MS : New-Wave UP-213 Laser Ablation System coupled with a PerkinElmer/SCIEX ELAN 6100 DRCplus ICP-MS

Capability:Analysis of solid samples for most of the elements in the Periodic Table down to ppb levels. The laser ablation system enables ICP/MS analysis of spot sizes down to 10 micrometers


Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 800 atomic absorption spectrometer with longitudinal Zeeman graphite furnace, and AS-800 autosampler with USS-800 Slurry sampler, FIAS-400 flow injection system and FIAS-THGA coupling, AS-90 autosampler

Capability: Rapid elemental analysis of microliter liquid samples and slurries down to ppb levels


Perkin Elmer AAnalyst 100 Flame atomic absorption spectrometer with FIAS-400 and AS-90 autosampler

Capability: Rapid elemental analysis of liquid samples down to ppm levels


Perkin Elmer FIMS-400 Cold Vapour Mercury analysis system with Amalgam accessory and AS-90 Autosampler

Capability: Rapid analysis of liquid samples for Mercury down to ppt levels


Philips PW2440 4kW X-ray fluorescence spectrometer system with microsampling capability and PW2540 VRC 168 sample autochanger

Capability: Solid sample analysis for elements from Carbon to Uranium in the Periodic Table down to ppm levels. Can be non-destructive. Suitable for archeological artifacts.


Rigaku D/MAX 2400 12kW rotating anode diffractometer with autochanger

Capability: Identification and Structural analysis of phases in powder samples.

Semi-quantitative and quantitative phase analysis


Dionex DX-600 Gradient Ion Chromatograph with AIM-1250 autosampler/fraction collector

Capability: Rapid analysis of liquid samples for anions down to ppm levels


ELTRA CS-800 Carbon/Sulphur IR Analyzer

Capability: Rapid analysis of solid samples for Carbon and Sulphur down to ppm levels


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