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Astromaterials-related facility: University of Winnipeg

The U of W hosts the Planetary Spectrophotometer Facility. The PSF is designed to enable non-destructive spectroscopy-based analysis of astromaterials. The facility has a variety of reflectance spectrophotometers with capabilities from the ultraviolet to the far-infrared. The PSF also has two planetary environment chambers that can be used to simulate various planetary surface environments. The chambers allow control over atmospheric pressure and composition, temperature, and ultraviolet illumination. The chambers can be interfaced with the spectrophotometers, allowing analysis of materials while they are held in quarantine. The spectral capabilities range from the micro (a few microns) to the macro scale (tens of centimeters) depending on the nature of the sample containers used.


For meteorite analysis, we can apply a range of spectrophotometers, as well as a field-portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for non-destructive elemental analysis (>Mg) and a CHNS-O elemental analyser for destructive analysis of lighter elements. This analysis requires only a few milligrams of sample.

Contact information:
Dr. Ed Cloutis
Director PSF
Tel: (204) 786 9386
Fax: (204) 774 4134

A more complete description of the facility is available on our web site: