The following is a list of ADWG members arranged by geographic location:

Dr. Christopher Herd (Chair)

Dr. Ed Cloutis (Geography, University of Winnipeg)


Dr. Phil McCausland (Earth Sciences, University of Western Ontario) 

Dr. Don Davis (Geology, University of Toronto)

Dr. Stephen Kissin (Lakehead University) 

Dr. Graham Wilson (Turnstone Geological Services Ltd.) 

Dr. Richard Herd (Geological Survey of Canada)

Dr. Kim Tait (Royal Ontario Museum) 

Ian Nicklin (Royal Ontario Museum)

Dr. Gordon Osinski (Earth Sciences, University of Western Ontario) 

Dr. Ed Spooner (Geology, University of Toronto) 

Dr. Gopalan Srinivasan (Geology, University of Toronto) 

Dr. Roberta Flemming (Earth Sciences, University of Western Ontario)

Dr. Pierre Hudon (Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University) 

Dr. Michael Higgins (Geology, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi) 

New Brunswick
Dr. John Spray (Planetary and Space Sciences Centre, University of New Brunswick)