Within one hour drive of Banff national park, Calgary is well known for the astonishing views of the rockies, a broadly cosmopolitan population and its staple western culture.

The Geology department at University of Calgary ranks among the top in Canada. The main campus is in the northwestern quarter of Calgary where research and lodging facilities, as well as the auditorium in which the conference will be hosted are located.

Hosted back to back with Geoconvention and the Geological Association of Canada and Mineralogical Association of Canada (GAC-MAC) annual meeting in May 11-13, the Pacrofi 2020 meeting aims to minimize travel for their attendees and provide the opportunity to attend several conferences in a single trip.

In addition, a conference short course on the applied study of fluid inclusions is being coordinated with GAC-MAC and a field trip to the Rockies will take place immediately after the conference.