Kelsey Bulbuc

2016 BSc. Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Canada
2018 After-degree in Geology, University of Alberta, Canada

My project is a collaboration with De Beers Group and aims to provide a detailed examination of both mineral inclusions and their host diamonds from the former Snap Lake Mine. The Snap Lake kimberlite dike is located on the southern Slave Craton, which is poorly studied with respect to its mantle root and diamond content in comparison to the Lac de Gras area of the central Slave Craton.

I will conduct a detailed examination of the mineral inclusion content in a representative sample of over 100 diamonds from the Snap Lake dike, using electron microprobe (major elements) and laser ablation IC-MS (trace elements) analyses. From this dataset, I aim to reconstruct the mineralogy and geochemistry of the diamond substrates beneath Snap Lake and to determine the pressure-temperature conditions of diamond formation. The host diamonds will be sectioned and polished to produce plates suitable for d13C, d15N and N-content analyses along core-rim transects via ion microprobe. These data will allow me to place constraints on the characteristics of the diamond-forming fluids.