Matthew Hardman

2012 BSc with Specialization in Geology, University of Alberta, Canada

Working with Drs. Thomas Stachel and Graham Pearson, my PhD research focuses on eclogites and their use in diamond-exploration. Discrimination of mantle-eclogites from crust-derived samples in diamond-exploration programmes which study concentrate garnets may misclassify mantle samples as crustal, given the similar geochemical character of the garnet. Major and trace elements in crust- and mantle-derived garnets from worldwide localities will be employed to derive new discriminants for these two populations and improve exploration practices.

Further, isotopic study of eclogitic garnet (for oxygen) and diamonds in diamond-bearing eclogites (for carbon and nitrogen) will enhance understanding of eclogitic diamonds, their formation, and their association with their eclogite host rock.

This research is supported by Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. (2012) and NSERC.