Things to see and do in Edmonton

Edmonton is a dynamic and welcoming city with countless opportunities for visitors to participate in. Below are a few suggestions of things that may be of interest while visiting Edmonton.

  1. Red Bull Crashed Ice: A unique blend of power skating and boarder cross, Red Bull Crashed Ice has been referred to as “Ice Cross Downhill”, and is one of the world’s most breathtaking winter sports events. In Red Bull Crashed Ice, skaters descend a steep ice track filled with bumps, jumps, rollers and obstacles four-at-a-time, jostling for position as they reach speeds of up to 80km/h.
  2. Telus World of Science: TELUS World of Science – Edmonton (TWOSE) inspires life-long learning as we create a positive science and technology culture in our region.
    The science centre is a non-profit organization designed to motivate people to learn about and contribute to advances in science and technology to strengthen themselves, their families, and their community.
  3. Edmonton River Valley Parks System: Edmonton’s river valley comprises over 20 major parks and attractions and forms the largest expanses of urban parkland in Canada. The public river valley parks provide a unique urban escape area with park styles ranging from fully serviced urban parks to campsite-like facilities with few amenities.
  4. Art Gallery of Alberta: Collecting is central to the Art Gallery of Alberta’s role as an active resource and research facility for the Alberta community and broader public. Since its founding in 1924, the AGA has acquired over 6,000 works of art, the vast majority of which were produced after 1950 and added to the collection since 1970.
  5. Muttart Conservatory: The Muttart Conservatory is a botanical garden located in the North Saskatchewan river valley, across from the downtown core in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. One of the best-known landmarks of Edmonton, the conservatory consists of three city-operated greenhouses, public gardens, as well as four feature pyramids for display of plant species found across three biomes, with the fourth pyramid hosting as a seasonal display. A fifth minor skylight pyramid lights up the central foyer.
  6. Legislative Assembly of Alberta: