Scientific Program

Wednesday June 8

9:00 am Navon The formation of fibrous and monocrystalline lithospheric diamonds
9:30 am Weiss Diamond-forming fluids – from micro to macro
10:00 am Timmerman Silicic to saline fluid inclusions in Koffiefontein diamonds
10:15 am Smit Type Ib diamond formation and preservation in the West African lithospheric keel: Re-Os age constraints from sulphide inclusions
10:30 am Coffee
11:00 am Kohn Developments in FTIR spectroscopy of diamond (part 1): Nitrogen aggregation in zoned diamonds, the timing of diamond growth and the thermal history of the lithosphere
11:30 am Speich Developments in FTIR spectroscopy of diamond (part 2): The kinetics of platelet growth and degradation as a potential thermochronometer
11:45 am D’Haenens-Johansson Identification of treated synthetic diamonds
12:00 pm Czas Diamond formation and evolution beneath the Sask Craton, Canada
12:15 pm Motsamai Diamond Inclusions from Karowe Mine, Botswana
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Jacobsen Earth’s deep mantle water cycle: what diamond inclusions might be telling us
2:00 pm Shirey Diamond dating: how it is done and what it means
2:30 pm Rosenthal Heterogeneous mantle melting
2:45 pm Rapp Sediment-derived Fluid Metasomatism in the Subcratonic Lithospheric Mantle and the Origin of Diamonds
3:15 pm Coffee
3:35 pm Jacob Insights into subcratonic lithosphere development from banded kyanite eclogite xenoliths
4:05 pm Shu Mantle evolution of the Kaapvaal craton
4:30 pm Kopylova Local fertilization of the mantle and proto-kimberlite formation
5:00 pm Liu Age and evolution of the mantle lithosphere beneath Chidliak, Baffin Island.
6:30 pm Social Event: The Rocky Mountain Ice House @ 10516 Jasper Ave (Corona LRT station)

Thursday June 9

9:00 am ScottSmith The economic implications of kimberlite emplacement.
9:30 am Russell Kimberlite Ascent and Eruption: Insights from Particle Attrition Studies
10:00 am Gaudet Renard 65: A multi-phase Pipe infilled with hypabyssal and Kimberly-type pyroclastic kimberlite
10:15 am Katayama Magmatic S-isotopic compositions of sulfides and sulfates in the “salty” Udachnaya-East kimberlite
10:30 am Sarkar Dating kimberlite magmatism and new results from the Slave and Rae cratons
10:50 am Coffee
11:10 am Kjarsgaard A 4000 km longCretaceous kimberlite corridor in N America
11:40 am Soltys In-situ assimilation of mantle minerals by kimberlitic magmas – Direct evidence from a garnet wehrlite xenolith entrained in the Bultfontein kimberlite (Kimberley, South Africa)
11:55 am Guiliani Trace element traverses across kimberlite olivine: A new tool to decipher the evolution of kimberlite magmas
12:25 pm Busseweiler Al – in – olivine thermometry: experimental versus empirical calibration and analytical challenges
12:40 pm Lunch
1:40 pm Rivard Imaging spectroscopy for kimberlite core characterisation
2:10 pm Elliott Slave Province Surficial Materials and Permafrost Study
2:40 pm Grutter Rapid lithosphere-scale events constrained by cpx thermobarometry for the Coromandel area, Brazil
3:10 pm Harris Mantle chemistry and age beneath the Darby kimberlite, NW Rae craton
3:25 pm Coffee
3:45 pm Hardman Statistical discrmination of mantle eclogitic garnet from crustal garnets
4:00 pm Poitras Indicator mineral chemistry of the Horn Plateau, NWT
4:15 pm Nowicki Are size distributions of natural diamond populations lognormal and does it matter
4:30 pm Smith Resolving the origins of KIMs on Banks Island, NWT
6:00 pm Social Event/Dinner: The Faculty Club, University of Alberta

Friday June 10

09:30 am Laboratory Tours CCIM
Ion probe lab, Mass spec lab, De Beers Diamond Display, Closed Cell Laser ablation