September 1-3, 2022 online


The PACROFI conference series has been a leading international forum for the presentation of fluid and melt inclusion research since the first meeting in New Mexico in 1987.  Initiated by an original ad-hoc committee including  Ed Roedder, Dave Norman, Andrew Campbell, Phil Brown, and Bob Bodnar and inspired by the ECROFI conference in Europe, PACROFI is held biennially. Recently, ACROFI has started to be hosted also biennially in Asia.

After the last two years, the 2022 meeting aims to introduce new researchers to the broad fluid inclusion community, to reconnect researchers, and to promote research feedback and collaboration. To this end, presentations from all stages of research are encouraged, and a conference short course on the applied study of fluid inclusions will take place around the dates of the conference. Due to a low number of in-person registrants and abstracts, the conference will be hosted exclusively on-line in a synchronous manner.