Note: all times in this schedule refer to MDT time zone (GMT-6).

Friday, September 2

7:50Opening remarks
SESSION 1: Chaired by Katie McFall (University College London)
8:00Fluid inclusion study of Ag and Sn bearing hydrothermal veins along the shear zone of Main Central Thrust in Himachal Himalaya, India
—Shruti Rana, Rajesh Sharma
8:20Ore forming fluid characteristics of orogenic gold deposits from Saqqez–Sardasht–Piranshahr gold field, north-west of Iran
—Shojaeddin Niroomand, Hossein Ali Tajeddin, Majid Soleymani, Dunya Maronsi
8:40The Timing and Setting of Copper mineralization in the Timna Igneous Complex, Northernmost Arabian-Nubian Shield
—Alon Elhadad, Yevgeny Vapnik, Bar Elisha, Itai Haviv, Yaron Katzir
9:00Fluid chemistry of the Archean Chibougamau porphyry-type Cu(-Au) system: An aqueous-carbonic magmatic hydrothermal ore system
—Daniel Kontak, Lucy Mathieu, Alexandre Crépon
Session 2: Chaired by Ester Szendula (Arctic University of Norway)
9:40Halite fluid inclusions: a gateway to atmospheric oxygen levels and shallow marine environments in deep time
—Nigel Blamey, Uwe Brand, Amy Lefebvre, Audrey Morrison 
10:00The End Ordovician Icehouse and the First Mass Extinction of the Phanerozoic: Its History Recorded in Halite
—Audrey Morrison, Amy Lefebvre, Ariel Patter, Alyssa Davis Uwe Brand, Nigel Blamey, Jisuo Jin
10:20Raman Spectroscopic Properties of Aqueous Chloride Solutions: Chlorides of Alkali, Alkaline Earth, and First Row Transition Metals
—Spencer Poulette, Matthew Steele-MacInnis
10:40A fluid inclusion outlook on the petroleum migration of the Cretaceous Potiguar Basin, Brazilian Equatorial Margin
—André Luiz Silva Pestilho, Lena Virgínia Soares Monteiro
12:00Virtual Poster Session
Temporal Evolution of Fluid on a High-sulfidation Hydrothermal System Related to Alkalic Magmatism-Silver Pond Lawyers Property, Toodoggone District, North-Central British Columbia
—Sinan Canbulat, Matthew Steele-MacInnis, Pilar Lecumberri-Sanchez, Pascal Voegeli
Fluid Inclusion Analysis of Halite from the Early Cambrian Amadeus Basin of Australia
—Amy Lefebvre, A. Morrison, N.J.F. Blamey, U. Brand
Session 3: Chaired by Mitchell Bennett (US Geological Survey)
12:30Determining Pressure and Temperature of Gold-Related Fluid inclusion Formation at Salmita Mine, NWT
—Spencer Poulette, Matthew Steele-MacInnis
12:50Muscovite crystals in carbonic fluid inclusions, Red Lake mine trend, Ontario, Canada
—Marko Szmihelsky, Matthew Steele-MacInnis, Guoxiang Chi, Spencer Poulette
13:10Fluid inclusion study along the Midwest Trend, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan
—Daniel Ferguson, Guoxiang Chi, Charles Normand, Yumeng Wang, Remy Chemillac, John Robbins, Patrick Ledru
13:30Factors controlling the formation of unconformity-related uranium deposits in the Proterozoic Athabasca Basin – insights from fluid inclusion studies
—Guoxiang Chi, Haixia Chu, Morteza Rabiei, Eric Potter, Duane Petts, Daniel Ferguson
End of day 1

Saturday, September 3

Session 4: Chaired by Andras Fall (UT Austin)
8:00Characteristics of fluid inclusions and Pressure evolution in the second member of  Dengying in Pengtan area, Sichuan Basin, China
—Junjia Fan, Xuesong Lu, Jacques Pironon, Alexy Elias Bahnan, Xiuyan Liu, Xinzhi Ma, Lili Gui
8:20Fluid Inclusion Technique For Basin Modeling—A Case Study
—V. Nandakumar, Shivapriya S., Silpa Thankan
8:40Fluid inclusions trapping temperatures as calibration tools in modeling sedimentary basins
—Alexy Elias Bahnan, Metzger Mombo Mouketo, Salim Allouti, Raymond Michels, Jacques Pironon
9:00Fluid modeling and U-Pb dating constraints on fluid evolution history in 1D basin modeling framework
—Xiuyan Liu, Jacques Pironon, Alexy Elias Bahnan
9:20 Break
Session 5: Chaired by Penny Wieser (UC Berkeley)
9:40Evidence for infiltrative contact metasomatism between silicate melts and carbonates at Chating, China
—Xinyue Xu, Matthew Steele-MacInnis, Xiaochun Xu, Marko Szmihelsky
10:00Melt inclusions in Catalina 008: Studying carbonaceous chondrite from Atacama Desert with Raman Spectroscopy
—Claudia Aravena-González, Daniel Moncada, Rodrigo Martínez
10:20High-temperature inclusions in IOA and IOCG-type deposits
—Xinyue Xu, Matthew Steele-MacInnis, Wyatt Bain, Marko Szmihelsky
10:40Cancelled A melt inclusion study of rhyolitic volcanics in the Bousquet Formation, Doyon-Bousquet-LaRonde mining camp, Abitibi Subprovince, Québec: Insight into Archean magmatic processes
—Jacob Hanley, Daniel Meagher, Kevin Neyedley, Zoltán Zajacz Alexandra Tsay, and Patrick Mercier-Langevin
11:00 Break
Session 6: Chaired by Stephanie Forstner (UT Austin)
12:30Pilot study in the use of synchrotron nano-CT to identify accidental mineral inclusions in fluorite-hosted fluid inclusions from the Illinois-Kentucky Mississippi Valley-type ore district
—Martin Appold, Wesley Clarkston, Sarah Smith-Schmitz, Hector Lamadrid
12:50Evidence of deep-sourced volatiles in the diagenetic evolution of the Aptian carbonates of Santos Basin, Brazil
—André Pluiz Silva Pestilho, Dorval Dias Filho, Volker Lüders, Isabela de O Carmo, Anna Eliza Dias, Leonardo Tedeshi, Bruno de Carvalho, Erica de Moraes, Delano Ibanez, Gustavo Garcia
13:10The healing power of Faden quartz (Zhob District, Pakistan)
—Andras Fall, Estibalitz Ukar
End of conference