Fall 2019 Talk: The Carbonaceous Chondrite Record of Icy Planetesimals

Dr. Myriam Telus, University of California, Santa Cruz

Friday, October 18, 2019
Atlas Talk: Noon, Tory 3-36
Meet the Speaker: 1PM, Tory 3-36


Carbonaceous chondrites show evidence for significant water-rock alteration that is thought to have occurred within ice-rich planetesimals. In this presentation, I will review our current understanding of the formation and evolution of icy planetesimals. In particular, I focus on my recent work on understanding the composition and formation conditions of Ca-carbonates in CM chondrites (Telus et al., 2019, GCA). These minerals formed via direct precipitation from the fluid and/or water-rock interactions in the parent asteroid. To understand the formation conditions of carbonates in CM chondrites, the C and O isotopic composition of Ca-carbonates and the O isotopic composition of magnetite were measured. I also discuss whether our data support current carbonaceous chondrite parent body models and how this work relates to current asteroid exploration missions.

2019 – Dr. Myriam Telus