The Digital Imaging Facility is equipped with various types of photography equipment, to allow you to take high-quality photos of your samples. Computers in the facility are equipped with the latest version of Adobe software, to enhance image quality, and provide photo merge and stacking features. A light tent is available to help eliminate shadows and improve specimen illumination. Additional equipment includes:

  • tripods
  • light table
  • flash, flash diffuser
  • digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras
  • compact camera (Canon G16)
  • digital camcorder
  • various lenses and adapters


Which setup to use?

The following table may help you to decide which equipment to use with respect to object size(s):

object size equipment
large objects
more than 10 cm
Nikon D90
24 - 120 mm lens
18 - 55 mm lens
medium size objects
5 - 10 cm
Nikon D90
24 - 120 mm lens
18 - 55 mm lens
60 mm lens
small objects
1 - 5 cm
Nikon D90
60 mm micro lens
+10 lens
very small objects
less than 1cm, more than 50 μm
+25 lens
+50 lens
Nikon D90
below & 35mm lens

Nikon D90 camera setup

Tagarno (digital microscope) setup


Here are some examples of photographs obtained using different setups: