Printing / Photocopying


DIF is equipped with two large printers, capable of printing 25 & 45 color pages per minute. The largest paper size available for these printers is 12 x 18 inches. To be able to print in DIF you have to have a EAS printing account, or you need to have a printing/copying code (usually provided by your supervisor). To learn more about printing, please visit the EAS intranet site (authentication required).


The only photocopier in the EAS department is located in the mail room (ESB 1-25). To learn more about photocopying, please visit the EAS intranet site (authentication required).


The printers have automatic stapling capability, which helps with producing teaching materials. Other options for finishing include:

  • 3-hole punch
  • coil (spiral) binding & Cerlox (comb) binding
  • laminator (maximum width 25 inches)
  • paper cutters / trimmers

Document scanning

These printers can scan paper documents at a speed of up to 100 pages a minute.