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Refereed Papers published or in press

Graduate students and PDF in bold from work done while they were worked in my lab, later publications from ongoing collaborations not highlighted.  * Corresponding author


*Stoker, B. J., *Margold, M., Gosse, J. C., Hidy, A. J., Monteath, A. J., Young, J. M., Gandy, N., Gregoire, L. J., Norris, S. L., & *Froese, D. (2022). The collapse of the Laurentide-Cordilleran ice saddle and early opening of the Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories, constrained by 10 Be exposure dating. The Cryosphere, 1–35.  [major paper from Ben Stoker’s PhD with work that began durin Martin Margold’s PDF at Alberta]

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*Monteath, A. J., Gaglioti, B. V., Edwards, M. E., & *Froese, D. (2021). Late Pleistocene shrub expansion preceded megafauna turnover and extinctions in eastern Beringia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118(52).    [major paper from Ali Monteath’s PDF work with collaborators Ben Gaglioti and Mary Edwards. 

*Murchie, T. J., Monteath, A. J., Mahony, M. E., Long, G. S., Cocker, S., Sadoway, T., Karpinski, E., Zazula, G., MacPhee, R. D. E., *Froese, D., & Poinar, H. N. (2021). Collapse of the mammoth-steppe in central Yukon as revealed by ancient environmental DNA. Nature Communications, 12(1), 7120.

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*MacDonald, E. N., Tank, S. E., Kokelj, S. V., Froese, D. G., & Hutchins, R. H. (2021). Permafrost-derived dissolved organic matter composition varies across permafrost end-members in the western Canadian Arctic. Environmental Research Letters: ERL [Web Site], 16(2). (Erin MacDonald’s MSc– primary supervisor Suzanne Tank)

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Hidy, A.J., Gosse, J.C., Sanborn, P., and Froese, D.G. 2018. Age-erosion constraints on an Early Pleistocene paleosol in Yukon, Canada, with profiles of 10Be and 26Al: Evidence for a significant loess cover effect on cosmogenic nuclide production rates. CATENA, 165: 260-271.  [This was one of Alan’s major papers from his dissertation that I served on his supervisory committee with John Gosse as his principal advisor].

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