Unpredictable pathways: Subsurface radon and an academic career never envisioned

Friday, November 25 at 12PM (MDT) in Tory 3-36


Radon inhalation is a leading cause of lung cancer.  While the soil zone is the main source of radon in indoor air, we have a very poor understanding of where it is generated in the subsurface, and what pathways it takes to reach the soil zone.  The correlation between [Rn] in indoor air and surficial and/or bedrock geology are weak at best.

In the spirit of the Grace Anne Stewart Speaker Series, this talk will show the series of unexpected events that has led me, the first PhD in my family, to the Vice Dean of Science position and a field-based research program to evaluate the possibility that radon in indoor air is produced in the deeper subsurface as free phase gas, with buoyant transport to the soil zone (and basements).


Consider joining us for ATLAS curling with Dr. Ryan from 4-6 at the Granite Curling Club ($15/person). If you are interested in attending, you can reach out to Scott Cocker at scocker@ualberta.ca

2022 – Dr. Cathy Ryan