Dr. John-Paul Zonneveld


My research is focused in the areas of sedimentology, paleoecology and paleontology. My research projects are typically multidisciplinary and commonly focus on problems involving the interface between geological and biological systems. Current projects include: Cenozoic-Quaternary sedimentology, paleocecology and palaeogeography of selected Indonesian Islands; mixed clastic-carbonate sedimentology of Middle Triassic successions in western Canada; Triassic arid coastal depositional successions; sedimentology of Lower Triassic tight gas intervals in western Canada; application of ichnology to the Permian-Triassic extinction event and biotic recovery in its aftermath; the sedimentologic and stratigraphic evolution of Early to Middle Eocene successions in the Green River Basin, Wyoming; and the ichnology and sedimentology of modern, macro-tidal, dissipative shoreface successions on Vancouver Island; the sedimentological record of the transition of vertebrates from water to land (focusing on mudskipper morphology and behavior).