Nephtys Warriors

Nephtys, of the family Nephtyidae, is a worm that inhabits deep to intertidal sandy muds. They are active burrowers who rapidly move through sediment by extending their muscular proboscis and occupying the resulting cavity. Nephtys, named for the Greek goddess of death, are primarily carnivorous – subsisting on other worms and crustaceans. Thus, Nephtys can be thought of to reside at the top of the “worm food chain”.

It is believed that the consumption of Nephtys by other species, particularly humans (need latin for intertidal researcher), will confer some of its powers to the lucky individual who can catch and devour them. One must take care when endeavouring to consume Nephtys, they come from a hardy family and have been known to bite back those trying to predate them. If the prospect of biting is not enough to frighten those that would do them harm, the larger members will, on occasion, secrete a deadly neurotoxin which, when injecting into the tongue, can render a field trip leader or participant incapable of coherent speech.

The only known cure for a Nephtys bite is single malt whisky (to be consumed neat). Those that are fortunate enough to catch a Nephtys and consume it without personal harm are dubbed “Nephtys Warriors” and are entitled to all the powers and privileges of their predecessors and namesakes.


• Larry Amskold
• Scott Botterill
• Shahin Dashtgard
• Jeff Fisher aka Fishichnus
• Carolyn Furlong
• Joel Gagnon
• Murray Gingras
• Brette Harris
• Tyler Hauck
• David Herbers
• Steven Kolenosky
• Jason Lavigne
• Andrew Lawfield
• Curtis Lettley
• Tiffany Nielson aka Tiffichnus
• Nadine Pearson
• George Pemberton
• Tom Saunders
• Sarah Shultz
• Marilyn Zorn
• Cody Lazowski
• Scott Melnyk