De Beers Laboratory

The De Beers Laboratory for Diamond Research was established with the help of a generous donation by De Beers Canada. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Earth Sciences Building (ESB 3-01).

The lab is well equipped for the preparation and study of mantle xenoliths, diamonds, and their inclusions, containing an FTIR spectrometer, various binocular and petrographic microscopes, as well as all equipment necessary for the crushing of diamonds, and mounting and polishing of their microscopic mineral inclusions.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Our micro-FTIR system is mainly used to determine the concentration and the aggregation state of nitrogen impurities in diamonds. Other applications include the content and speciation of hydrogen in nominally anhydrous minerals or studies on the origin of baltic amber.

The Thermo-Fisher (Nicolet) Nexus 470 FT-IR Spectrometer (bench) is fitted with a Continuum infrared microscope with motorized stage. The dual apertures of the Continuum microscope allow to achieve a true analytical spot size down to 10 microns for point analyses, profiles, or maps.