Awesome Alumni

BSc (undergraduate thesis) students:

  • Jie (Amber) Yu, 2020, Stable isotope and nitrogen characteristics of Cr-pyrope included diamonds from Gahcho Kué Mine
  • Kelsey Bulbuc, 2018, Growth conditions of sulphide-bearing diamonds from the Victor Mine (Ontario, Canada)
  • Jen Sern Tan, 2016, Diamonds from the Konawaruk River, Guyana
  • Mitchell Galarneau, 2015, Growth Modes of the Victor Mine Diamonds
  • Pamela Wescot, 2014, Infrared Spectroscopy and Carbon Isotopic Analyses of Victor Mine Diamond
  • Katie Nichols (now Hogberg), 2011, A study on websterites from the Diavik diamond Mine, Slave Craton, Canada
  • Vanessa Marcheggiani-Croden, 2010, Boart from the Diavik Diamond Mine (Slave Province, Canada) – Unrelated to gem diamond formation
  • Angela Johnson, 2007, Garnet peridotite xenoliths from kimberlites at Repulse Bay, Nunavut
  • Kristin Chislett, 2007, Garnet peridotite xenoliths from A154, Diavik Diamond Mine
  • Tara Gunson, 2005, The petrography and mineral chemistry of the Aviat-4 kimberlite, Melville Peninsula, Nunavut
  • Hayley McLean, 2005, Garnet xenocrysts from the Diavik Diamond Mine: Colour, composition and paragenesis
  • Tracey Keith, 2004, Cr-rich amphiboles in till as potential kimberlite indicator minerals, Southern Buffalo Hills, Alberta
  • Margaret Hanrahan, 2003, Garnet peridotite xenoliths from the Koffiefontein Mine, South Africa
  • Steven Creighton, 2003, A preliminary study of the mineral chemistry of selected Alberta kimberlites

MSc (Master’s thesis) students:

  • Kelsey Graversen (née Bulbuc), 2020, Diamonds and their inclusions from Snap Lake diamond mine (Northwest Territories, Canada)
  • William Siva-Jothy, 2020, Inclusions and their host diamonds from the Gahcho Kué mine, Canada
  • Mei Yan Lai, 2018, Spectroscopic Analysis of Yellow Diamonds
  • Xinchen Xia, 2018, Mineral inclusions in diamonds from Chidliak (Nunavut, Canada): constraining the diamond substrates
  • Katie Nichols (now Hogberg), 2013, Diamond sources beneath the Hall Peninsula, Baffin Island, Nunavut: A preliminary assessment based on Chidliak diamonds
  • Catherine Nadine Johnson, 2011, The physical and geochemical characteristics of diamonds from the Artemisia Kimberlite (Northern Slave Craton, Nunavut, Canada) and the micro-/macro-diamond relationship
  • Jennifer Peats, 2011, Aviat diamonds: A window into the deep lithospheric mantle beneath the northern Churchill Province
  • Dana Verigeanu, 2006, A study of peridotitic xenoliths from the Voyageur Kimberlites, Slave Craton, Canada
  • Cara Donnelly, 2006, The characterization of diamonds and their mineral inclusions from the Diavik Diamond Mine, Lac de Gras, Northwest Territories, Canada
  • Anetta Banas, 2005, Diamonds and their formation: Characterization of diamonds from the Buffalo Head Hills, Alberta and metasomatism recorded by garnet inclusions from the De Beers Pool, South Africa
  • Sonja Aulbach, 1999 (in Frankfurt), The chemistry of syngenetic mineral inclusions in diamonds from Venetia and the stable isotope compositions of diamonds from Mwadui and the Kankan district

PhD (doctoral thesis) students:

  • Mei Yan Lai, 2022 Geochemistry of diamonds and their mineral inclusions constraining the composition of the lithospheric mantle and recycling of crustal materials
  • Nicole A. Meyer, 2021, Diamonds and Their Inclusions From the Koffiefontein Mine
  • Margo E. Regier, 2020, Subduction and the genesis of mantle roots and diamonds
  • Matthew F. Hardman, 2020, Improving the use of eclogitic garnet as a diamond indicator mineral and constraining the origin of eclogites in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle
  • Theetso Motsamai, 2018, The composition of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Karowe Mine and its associated diamond sources in north-eastern Botswana
  • Janina Czas, 2018, The quandary of the Sask Craton: Origin and evolution of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Sask Craton
  • Mandy Krebs, 2018, Impurities and defects in, and isotope compositions of, gemstones
  • Karen V. Smit, 2013, Age, origin and composition of the Attawapiskat lithospheric mantle and its diamonds (western Superior Craton, Canada)
  • Greg Melton, 2013, Elemental impurities, defects and carbon isotopes in mantle diamond
  • Lucy Hunt, 2011, Conditions of diamond formation and preservation from on- and off- craton settings
  • Steven Creighton, 2009, The influence of mantle metasomatism on the oxidation state of the lithospheric mantle
  • Ralf Tappert, 2005, The nature of diamonds and their mineral inclusions: a study of diamonds from the Panda (Canada) and Jagersfontein (South Africa) kimberlites and from placer deposits in Brazil

Postdoctoral fellows:

  • Nicole Meyer, 2021, Re-Os dating of sulfide inclusions from Koffiefontein
  • Dan Howell, 2019, Diamond carbon stable isotope composition through time
  • Duane Petts, 2015, SIMS stable isotope studies of diamonds
  • Lucy Hunt, 2013, The relationship between gem and non-gem diamonds at Diavik Diamond Mines (Slave Craton, NWT)
  • Ryan Ickert, 2012, Oxygen isotopic analysis of inclusions in diamonds
  • Sonja Aulbach, 2009, Re-Os isotopic dating of diamond forming events beneath the Kalahari and Slave Cratons