Community presentations in Tulita and Deline, NWT

This past September we travelled to the Sahtu communities of Tulita and Deline to deliver workshops on climate change and permafrost for youth in the community with support from the Sahtu Secretariat and CIRNAC. We were also able to give community presentations on our work on permafrost in the area and hear alot about concerns and community observations. It was a productive and memorable trip

CBC The Current Permafrost Interview

This past August, Matt Galloway from CBC’s The Current joined us to discuss permafrost and climate change in northern Canada. Here’s the interview (begins at 1:50s).

Permafrost image of ground ice and water hitting the exposure.
Permafrost in the Klondike exposed in a placer gold mine, August 2022.

The implications of the rapidly melting permafrost

  • Radio
  • Duration 11:07

Experts recently gathered in Yukon to learn about the rapidly melting permafrost. As part of The Current’s visit to Yukon, Matt Galloway goes on a field trip with Duane Froese to see the melting ice and find out the many implications of the thaw. Froese is a professor in the department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta.

New Ancient eDNA paper from Klondike permafrost