Current Executive 2023/2024

The P.S. Warren Geological Society is run by an elected volunteer executive.

2023/24 Executive Council, April 2024
Not Pictured: Irina, VP Operations; Brynn Quist, VP Event Planning

President – Dora Poon-Matsune (she/her)

Hey everyone, I’m Dora (kinda like the explorer) and I’ll be your president for the 2023/24 school year! When I’m not collecting rocks you can usually find me hiking, skiing, or listening to more Taylor Swift than any human realistically should. I’m in my 4th year of an EAS major and Bio minor and can’t wait to meet you all at our upcoming events! This year I want to bring PSW to a wider group of people through our events and social outreach. If you ever want to chat feel free to shoot me an email or find me in the halls!

VP Finance – Robbie Hann (he/him)

Hi! My name is Robbie and I’ll be your treasurer for the 2023/2024 academic year. As treasurer, my job is to look after the club’s finances to ensure that we can fund the cool events that we enjoy throughout the year. I’m in my 3rd year of Geology (Specialization) and work part time in the Permafrost Archives Science Laboratory (PACS Lab) on campus. My favourite aspects of geoscience are geomorphology and Arctic science. Aside from my university life, I enjoy hiking, flying gliders, and photographing the night sky.

VP Administration – Jaimee Hodgson (she/they)

Hi, I’m Jaimee and I am your VP Administration this year. I am here to keep PSW organized and informed on all the fun things we’ve got planned for this upcoming year. I am a third year Geology student, so I am always down to talk rocks or sediment. Outside of Geology I love to read, watch movies, or play board games. If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to reach out and I look forward to meeting you this year 🙂

VP Communications – Megan Dirk (she/her)

Hi everyone! I’m Megan and I’m currently in my 4th year of Environmental Earth Sciences (ENES). During the summer months I’m usually out hiking in the mountains, but in the rest of my spare time I love to upcycle thrifted clothing, coach and train in adult gymnastics, and read tacky romance novels. This year in PSW I hope to revive our social media presence in order to reach more students in the EAS community and beyond. If you have any feedback or would just like to chat about involvement in PSW, feel free to reach out!

VP Event Planning – Josh Bugnet (he/him)

From a young age, I was always drawn to rocks. While others would be around the fire while camping, I would be walking the beach, smashing rocks open, looking for shiny things! My interests lie in mineral exploration so during the summers, the majority of my time is spent in the middle of nowhere experiencing phenomenal views and incredible geologic features that many would never get the chance to see while getting to meet incredible people who share a similar passion! I joined PS. Warren in the hopes of bringing our rather small faculty together, and helping expand it to those who may just find a passion within our many different disciplines!

VP Event Planning – Chelsie Smith (she/her)

Hello! I’m Chelsie, one of two VP Event Planners this year. I’m currently taking Honors Geology and hoping to contribute to the world of research in some way after graduation. Outside of PSW, I like to play videogames, cook, workout, hike, and read. I became an event planner with hopes to re-establish the excitement and involvement of PSW through our events! If you have any ideas that you think we should do, you can always let me know through email or otherwise!

VP Event Planning – Brynn Quist (she/her)

Hi! My name is Brynn, one of the VP Event Planners for this year. I am currently a 2nd year EAS major, but intend to switch into the geology program for the next academic year. In my free time I enjoy hiking, exploring the outdoors, travelling, and training my dogs. This year I hope to help create some fun PSW events that bring people who have an interest in the Earth Sciences together!

3rd Year Representative – James Gould (he/him)

Hi! My name is James, the third year representative for P.S. Warren. I am currently in Geology and I chose this field because I wanted to have a career where I get to be outdoors and see exciting new places. I hope to share my passion with the members of PSW and create a safe space for everyone. I can’t wait for all the fun events and activities we have planned for you this year! Hope to see you around!

2nd Year Representative – Kidus Woldemedehn (he/they)

Hi! I’m Kidus and I’m the 2nd Year Representative for P.S. Warren this year! I’m a third year Geology major with a great interest in mineralogy. My job as 2nd Year Representative is to make sure that 2nd year students have a voice and feel represented in P.S. Warren. Some of my many hobbies include drawing, travelling and learning languages. I can’t wait to meet all of you in our future events and don’t hesitate to say hello if you see me around on campus!

4th Year Environmental Earth Sciences Representative – Aiden Stock (he/him)

Hey! I’m Aiden and I’m one of the Environmental Earth Sciences Reps this year. I’m currently in my 4th year here at the U of A but have been interested in the natural world since I was young. I hope to help foster the sense of community PSW provides within the EAS department so everyone can make the most of their time in university. When not at school, you can usually find me out at the lake canoeing, rock wall climbing, or spending time at home with my dog. I look forward to meeting you all and am always down to have a chat!

1st Year Environmental Earth Sciences Representative – Antje Gille (she/her)

Hello, my name is Antje. I just started my first year in Environmental Earth Sciences, and I’m the First Year Representative. I can’t wait to learn more about my program and meet others who are in Geology or ENES as well. When I’m not studying (or taking a study break at the Wilson Climbing Center) I like spending time outdoors: hiking or skiing.