2022/2023 Executive Council

The P.S. Warren Geological Society is run by an elected volunteer executive.

President-Paul Sherk

Hey folks, my name is Paul Sherk and I’ll be your President for the remainder of this year! Some of my hobbies include DJing, electronic music production, photography/cinematography and collecting more rocks than I can handle. I am currently in my 4th year of studies and I’m looking forward to meeting all of you at our social events! If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk rocks, feel free to find me in the hallways or send me an email!

Vice President-Caibre Stinnissen

Treasurer-Brett Friesen

As Treasurer I manage the club’s finances including funding and the annual budget. I’ve worked as a student geologist and environmental scientist for the University of Alberta, Teck Resources, and the University of Bonn, and I’ve received a number of national and international awards supporting this work. I also serve as an executive of the UASU Sustainability Committee. I like spending my free time traveling, hiking, and visiting family.

Event Coordinator-Jenna Maccagno

I work with a team of executives to organize events and bring together fellow classmates.

2nd Year Representative/Secretary-Dora Poon-Matsune

Hi I’m Dora (kinda like the explorer) and I’m 2nd Year Representative this year! My job is to make sure that 2nd Years are heard and represented in P.S. Warren. My hobbies include skiing, hiking, and listening to more Taylor Swift than any human being realistically should. If you see me in the hallways I’d love to say hi!

Event Coordinator-Tyler Gmeinweser

  • Program: 3rd Year Geology

3rd Year Representative-Emma Braun

2nd Year Representative/Secretary-Irina Malakhova

  • Program: 3rd Year Geology Honours

Environmental Earth Science Representative-Elise Daly