2020/2021 Executive Council

The P.S. Warren Geological Society is run by an elected volunteer executive.

President-Jared Janzen

Hey everyone, my name is Jared and I’ll be your PSW president this year. A bit about myself, I’m a hiking enthusiast and skiing instructor who can also nerd out about rock formations. If you need a ski buddy or someone to share your love minerals with, I’m your guy. If you have any inquiries about upcoming PS Warren events or anything in general, feel free to email me at jmjanzen@ualberta.ca

Vice President-Sydney Evans

Hey! My name is Sydney and I’ll be your VP this year. This is my 4th year at the U of A. I enjoy rocks, petting cats, and hiking. You can find me trapped in the halls of ESB or at home admiring my rock collection. Feel free to contact me at sme@ualberta.ca.

Event Coordinator-Jordan Koop

Hey everyone, my name is Jordan Koop, and I’m one of your Event Coordinators for this year! I have an apatite for rock-related knowledge and also enjoy reading books and watching movies, as well as the local drama of the Oilers each year. I’m looking forward to talc-ing to all of you at events this year!

Event Coordinator-Shaun Woudstra

Greetings, my fellow rock-lickers and earth-splitters! My name is Shaun, and I am one the Event Coordinators for the 2020-2021 year. After taking Civil Engineering Technology at NAIT, I unearthed a passion for Geology and am currently in my 4th year of study. Inhaling volcanic ash is my workplace hazard of choice, with scrambling up talus slopes as a close second. I look forward to meeting you all in the coming semesters; feel free to contact me at woudstra@ualberta.ca if you have any event suggestions or questions!

Treasurer-Patrice Stalder

Hello everyone, my name is Patrice Stalder and I am your treasurer for this year. This is my fourth year in geology and I’m interested in mineral exploration. I have spent my summers on a dairy farm and enjoy weekend hiking trips to the mountains. Feel free to contact me at stalder@ualbera.ca and let’s make this a great year!

Grad Rep-Thomas Kenzie

Hey! My name’s Thomas and I’m your Graduation Rep this year. I’m passionate about soft-rock geology and the responsible development of all Canada’s incredible natural resources. In my spare time I enjoy golfing, fishing, and really any outdoor activity. Looking forward to being your Rep this year and I wish you all the best. Feel free to contact me about any questions regarding graduation, kenzie@ualberta.ca

Secretary-Navodhi Ranatunga

Hello! My name is Navodhi. I also go by Nav! I will be your secretary for the 2020/2021 year. PSW has truly helped me out during my first years studying geology, and I would like to give back and do my best to keep it going. As for me, I am an absolute music addict. Colours and shiny things make me happy. I love to stargaze ( I know very cliché) and making really cringy pun jokes. Overall, an ok person I guess ?