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The EAS XRD Laboratory houses a Rigaku Ultima IV x-ray diffractometer that was generously donated to the Department by ConocoPhillips in 2009.

The EAS XRD Laboratory collaborates with the Environmental Economic Geology Laboratory (EEGL) for analyzing samples that require non-ambient conditions not supported by the Rigaku Ultima IV, such as different humidities and gas conditions. The Environmental X-Ray Laboratory diffractometer is dedicated for use by the EEGL group and their collaborators, therefore booking time is subject to availability. Before submitting samples that require the above condition please notify the EAS XRD technician so they may contact the EEGL group and make the appropriate arrangements. The specifications of the Environmental X-Ray Laboratory diffractometer are listed below.

Software and Databases

The EAS XRD Laboratory has a number of processing programs to analyze XRD data for clients and databases for phase identification.

Sample Preparation Equipment:

This is not a full comprehensive list of what the laboratory has. Please inquire about any equipment not listed here.


XRD Technician - Rebecca Funk

Rebecca Funk is the XRD and SuperPress Technician for the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. She completed her BSc in Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria and her MSc in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta. Her studies were focused in the fields of experimental and igneous petrology. After graduating she continued to work as a research assistant for the Scarfe Laboratory for Experimental Petrology before assuming the joint roles of XRD and SuperPress Technician.

Faculty Advisor - Dr. Sasha Wilson

Dr. Sasha Wilson is an Associate Professor within the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, the Canadian Research Chair in Biogeochemistry of Sustainable Mineral Resources, and leads the Environmental Economic Geology Laboratory group. His research focuses on the environmental aspects of economic geology and on chemical sedimentology.