To submit samples, please fill out one of the two below forms:

Uof A Submission Form – If you are working at the UofA or in-collaboration with the UofA


Commercial Sample Submission Form – If you are working in industry, government, or another acadmic institution

Email it to You may then set up an appointment to drop off and discuss your samples. Please be on time for your appointment. Once your samples have been received they will be entered into the queue and a time estimate for your results will be given.

Powdered Samples:

For powdered XRD analysis, your samples need to be finely ground to a flour (<40 μm or <325 mesh). For quantitative analysis at least 2.0 g of material must be provided.

Solid Samples:

If your samples cannot be ground they can still be analyzed on the standard stage as long as they have one smooth flat surface.

If you are preparing your own samples, you are encouraged to read our section on sample preparation before submission.

Hazardous Samples:

The following types of hazardous samples cannot under any circumstances be submitted to the EAS XRD Laboratory:

  • Pyrophorics or can sample that can form pyrophorics when in contact with ethanol, water, and/or air
  • Any sample that has been in contact with H2S
  • Any sample that has been in contact with HF
  • Extreme oxidizers
  • Extreme corrosives
  • Carcinogens
  • Radioactive samples
  • Any samples that react with the air, ethanol, and/or water to produce toxic gases
  • Biohazardous materials

Any other hazardous samples that are submitted must have their hazards fully disclosed on the submission form and provide proper safe handling procedures. Any failure in disclosing known hazards and/or providing proper safe handling procedures will result in a ban of your lab group or company from the EAS XRD Laboratory. If you are unsure if your samples can be submitted please consult with the XRD technician using

Mailing in Samples:

If you are mailing in your samples, please notify us via the above email of what you are sending and use the following address:

  • UofA Central Receiving
  • 116 St. & 85th Ave
  • Atten. ESB 1-26 R. Funk
  • Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2R3
  • Canada

​Make sure you are following the correct regulations (i.e. Trasportation of Dangerous Goods) when mailing your samples based on the materials and location you are mailing from.