Lamphier: Oilsands eco-hyperbole hides real emissions culprit

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Very interesting summary of CO2 sources.

One thought on “Lamphier: Oilsands eco-hyperbole hides real emissions culprit”

  1. I think you’ve completely miessd the point of the study. It’s merely a theoretical assessment of the damage the tarsands could cause, not a prediction of how much damage they will cause. As for the calculations, you’re not calculating the same thing. This is 21.3 percent of scenario A2’s projected global increase of 464 ppm by 2100. is not the same as oilsands will be responsible for 2.6% of the cumulative emissions over that time horizon. The real knock against the study though, is that it’s simply too narrow to be of any practical use. A better study would have looked at a much broader range of scenarios from best case to worst case instead of just the latter.

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