Jeff Harris

University of Glasgow
School of Geographical and Earth Sciences
The Gregory Building
Lilybank Gardens
Glasgow, G12 8QQ
Scotland, UK


BSc Pass Degree Chemistry, University of Liverpool, 1963
BSc Honours 2.i Geology, University of Liverpool, 1964
MSc X-Ray Crystallography, University of London, 1965
PhD In Crystallography, University of London, 1968


1960-64 Undergraduate. University of Liverpool
1964-68 Postgraduate. University of London
1968-72 Research Assistant. University of London (University College)
1964-72 Visiting Lecturer, Engineering Geology, Westminster Technical College, London
1968-72 Visiting Lecturer, Engineering Geology, Polytechnic of Central London
1973-74 Senior Research Scientist, Diamond Research Laboratories, DeBeers Industrial Diamond Division, Johannesburg, South Africa
1974-79 Honorary Research Scientist, Grant Institute of Geology, University of Edinburgh. (1974-76) On secondment from DeBeers Industrial Diamond Division, Johannesburg (1976-79) Consultant to DeBeers Consolidated Mines Ltd., at the Grant Institute
1979-88 Senior Research Fellow, Department of Geology and Applied Geology, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
1988-98 Senior Research Fellow, Department of Geology and Applied Geology, University of Glasgow
1998- 2006 Senior Research Fellow, Division of Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow
2006- Honorary Research Fellow, School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow
2001- Honorary Professor, Institute für Mineralogie, Johann Wolfgang Goethe – University of Frankfurt, Germany
2004- Adjunct Professor, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Canada


1976-2006 Geology Division, DeBeers Consolidated Mines Ltd, Kimberley, South Africa
1984 Ashton Mining Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
Anaconda Mineral Company, USA.
1985-1989 Chichester Diamond Services Ltd, London


1957- The Liverpool and Manchester Geological Society
1987- Gemmological Association of Great Britain

Society Offices

1960-64 Council Member, Liverpool and Manchester Geological Society
1985 Secretary, Geology Section, British Advancement of Science, held at Strathclyde University
1987-89 Council Gemmological Society of Great Britain
1989-96 Education Committee, Gemmological Society and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain
1997- Associate Editor for Journal of Gemmology


My research centers on the mineral diamond; in particular the syngenetic mineral inclusion content and the physical and chemical characteristics of the host. When the geochemistry of the inclusions is combined with the physical characteristics of the diamond, detailed information is obtained about the different environments of diamond formation in both the upper and, more recently, the lower mantle. From inclusions, both the genesis and eruption ages of diamond can be determined. Sulfide inclusions specifically, can tell us about the early Earth atmosphere, (see Publication list). Crustal and mantle processes are linked through the possible involvement of crustal carbon and nitrogen in subduction mechanisms leading to the formation of eclogitic diamonds at depth. In this regard, the isotopic signatures of such diamonds are assessed against crustal values.