Edward Bam

I joined Dr. Monireh Faramarzi’s research team in January 2022 as a Postdoctoral Fellow to examine the regional dynamics of glacier changes in Alberta for water resource management. Previously, I worked on high-frequency water quality, streamflow, and isotope data to examine the environmental impact of oil sands mines in the Alberta Oil Sands Region (AOSR).

Prior to moving to the University of Alberta, I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis in Environment and Sustainability at the Global Institute for Water Security and the University of Saskatchewan. My thesis involved developing a new isotope-water-mass balance model to quantify water loss fluxes from prairie ponds and improve the understanding of groundwater-pond interaction.

My research focuses on hydrochemistry, hydrology, hydrogeology, isotopes, and numerical modeling to assess water quality and quantify water and solute fluxes. During the past decade, I have carried out research in a wide variety of regions and landscapes, including Ghana (West Africa), Canada (north America), and most recently some projects in the Republic of South Africa. In addition to field research and analytical lab work, I have experience with large data management, manipulation, and communication.

Email: ebam@ualberta.ca

Mobile: +1 780 278 3010

Select papers:

Bam, Edward KP & Samuel Bansah (2020). Groundwater chemistry and isotopes reveal vulnerability of granitic aquifer in the White Volta River watershed, West Africa. Applied Geochemistry, 119, August 2020, 104662. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apgeochem.2020.104662

Bam, Edward KP, Ireson, AM, van der Kamp, G., & Hendry, JM. (2020). Ephemeral Ponds: Are They the Dominant Source of Depression-Focused Groundwater Recharge? Water Resources Research, 56, e2019WR026640. https://doi.org/10.1029/2019WR026640

Bam, Edward KP & AM Ireson (2018). Quantifying the wetland water balance: A new isotope-based approach that includes precipitation and infiltration. Journal of Hydrology, 570, 185-200. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2018.12.032.

Google scholar: https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=q_2xZagAAAAJ&hl=en