Yinlong (David) Huang

I joined this Watershed Science and Modelling Laboratory in January 2021 as a Master’s Student. I’m also a teaching assistant and my research project is related to regional groundwater drought and snow drought formation and interaction. I am also interested in improving my hydrologic modelling skills for both surface water and groundwater. During my undergraduate time as a civil engineering student, I developed my interest in water resource engineering, and I have worked for the Province of Manitoba for a year during co-op, working on water resource related projects and water resource facilities inspections, and that’s when I started to set my foot in the water resource related field.

My current project involves statistical analysis for groundwater drought and snow drought formation and propagation dynamics under different ecological, climatological and geological regions, researching their connection and physical processes that drive these processes. The expected output is find out whether there will be snow drought / groundwater drought or not, and what would be the response time between the two processes, and what physical parameters dominate these processes. 

B. A Sc. Engineering (Civil), University of Manitoba, 2020

Email: yinlong1@ualberta.ca