Jannatul Ferdous

Jannatul  Ferdous resizedI recieved my M.Eng from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand with honors, where my research focused on monitoring the effect of the tractive force of a small tractor on soil physicochemical properties of wet and dry paddy field. Later on, I completed my M.Sc in the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, in the Department of Biological Engineering. For the M.Sc thesis, my research was to evaluate the effects of irrigation on surface energy fluxes, crop microclimatic parameters, soil propertiess and greenhouse gas emission from an agricultural field by using in situ field instruments and the DNDC model. Currently, I’m collaborating with other researchers at the Watershed Science and Modelling Laboratory to assess reliability of water for agricultural production in the agricultural regions of Alberta. My research will explore the most vulnerable areas in the province regarding available water for crop production due to climate change.