Justin Victor

I joined Watershed Science and Modelling Laboratory in May 2020. My primary research goal is provide a better understanding of groundwater-surface water (GW-SW) dynamics and their changes under climate change, as well as the governing factors of this process. My research is also focused on the effect of snowmelt and existense of wetlands on GW-SW dynamics and their changes using process-based hydrological modelling.

I began studying chemical engineering at the U of A in 2013 and found academic success in the program.  However, after spending 2 years studying in the traditional program and realizing my passion wasn’t there, I moved into the Faculty of Science and Geology Specialization.  I have always found enjoyment collecting and examining rocks, so this transition was very fulfilling.  In addition to studying anything related to different rock types and formation processes, I’m very dedicated to environmental conservation and water. 
This fuelled my decision to focus on hydrogeology and the variety of complex relationships that exist between groundwater and surface water in numerous settings. I’m also emotionally and academically invested in planetary geology, asteroid hydrogeology, and anything pertaining to space! The 2 primary areas of my interest and research are planetary geology and hydrogeology. In my career at the U of A, I’ve been fortunate to work for several professors in a variety of laboratories, from ICP-MS analysis of Alberta lake water samples to processing meteorites from around the globe and I’m currently working on an undergraduate thesis for stable carbon isotope analysis of hydrothermal water samples from China in the Tengchong hot spring area.

Email: javictor@ualberta.ca