Thierry Fonville

Thierry joined Dr Faramarzi’s lab in September 2021 on a Mitacs Accelerate Postdoctoral Fellowship as a soil scientist. He will work together with the Food Water Wellness Foundation ( and Monika Gorzelak’s lab at AAFC Lethbridge to investigate how farm management practices affects soil health in Alberta. Soil health is a complex term which encompasses various components in the physical (grain size, aggregate stability, water content), chemical (nutrients, conductivity, reactive carbon) and biological (microbial and macro-invertebrates) realms. This project builds on the Soil Carbon Quantification Project which is developing a predictive carbon stock map of Alberta using machine learning techniques and Latin Hypercube Sampling.

Prior to his position at Dr Faramarzi’s lab at the University of Alberta, Thierry was a UK research council Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Southampton. He has investigated long term population impact in lake sediments and soils on Scottish, Northern Irish and Irish Islands (, as well as inferring nutrient, livestock and vegetation changes from lake sediments near archaeological sites (