Our Watershed Science and Modelling Laboratory (WSML) offers Windows-based high performance computing machines, shown below, with over 500 cores that allow processing of large scale models through a user-friendly scheme by applying Parallel Processing system.

Up and running in February 2017, the Watershed Science and Modelling Lab was designed in collaboration with the University of Alberta’s Information Services & Technology (IST) department. Beginning with consultations to learn of the unique needs of the WSML team in September, IST supported the lab build through hardware recommendations, liaising with vendors, hardware procurement, and installation within the lab. IST continues to support the endeavors of the WSML lab through standard server and operating system support. To improve capabilities of existing system, IST is actively collaborating with the WSML team to develop scripts to parallelize simulations in this Windows-based multi-core system.

 For more information on IST’s services, visit ist.ualberta.ca.

supercomputer 1 resized

supercomputer 2 resized

Supercomputer 3 resized